Since setting out on a journey to reconnect with his roots, 604 Records’ Kadooh has continued to carve his own path in Canadian country music — all while staying true to himself along the way. 


Kadooh’s sound — one that has found influence in not only the musician’s everyday life, but an engrained love of music as a whole — has continued to grow and evolve, especially when it comes to song writing. “I try to write about what I’ve experienced — I’ve gone through it all, just like everyone else. It’s always been important to me for people to relate to the music,” he said, adding as a fun, energetic, hold-nothing-back kind of person, his work will always reflect that. “Music should always be fun and that’s very authentic to who I am. I want people to dance and just take it in.”


You can look forward to more material later in 2021 and early into 2022, “We have a ton of songs ready to go, and I'm really excited about it,” says Kadooh. “I’ve poured my heart and soul into it all, and I've really developed myself as an artist and a singer. I'm just really, really excited, and I hope everybody really connects with them and enjoys them.”